Breakfast Series: Creamy Porridge With Fresh Fruits

Those of you that have busy mornings this porridge recipe is an absolute savior as it only takes 3-5 minutes to make – how brilliant is that! It also means that there’s now no excuse not to eat a beautifully healthy and energizing breakfast every day. The secret to this recipe being so easy and speedy is that we soak the oats in boiling water for ten minutes, during this time you can get dressed and ready for the day while the oats soften perfectly or you can prep your toppings. 

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The power of colors in clothing and the relationship to your chakras

We all have our favorite colors and it is usually a color or a number of colors we can see vividly in our closet + outfit. Those colors change based on our mood, the way we feel, season and of course where we live.

My favorite color is light pink but for outfit I go with red or navy blue so I definitely love my jeans or anything with a denim fabric.

You might have heard about balancing chakras and chakra colors and how you can bring some balance back to inharmonious areas of your life by choosing to wear clothing that matches imbalanced chakra areas. The color in the form of clothes is easily absorbed and gets balanced because of direct contact with the skin and its more effective than the visual method

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Lunch Series: Cauliflower rice bowl with veggies

The very much trendy Cauliflower rice recipe is here. I'll be sharing how to make a cauliflower rice. If you ever find yourself hungry, you can whip this up quickly and make your lunch or dinner in 10-15 minutes. Cauliflower rice can be used raw, tossed like grains into a salad or in a cold side dish and it's super healthy and nutritious.

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Best places to workout in LA & how to find them

Hello lovely fitfam + the friends who are looking for spots or hidden gems they can workout in LA, read on as this list is for you. Even if you are not in Los Angeles or USA, you can still benefit from this list and master your way to finding new and exciting locations to get your sweat on.

Below you can find details of all the awesome events happening this week and next in LA, most of them are free, so just register, show up and enjoy or give them a try and see if they are the right type of workout/studio are for you.

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Breakfast + Dessert Series: Plain & Chocolate-y Chia Seed Pudding

As you’ve heard before, breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Breakfast kick-starts your metabolism, helping you burn calories throughout the day. It also gives you the energy you need to get things done and helps you focus at work or at school. Those are just a few reasons why it’s the most important meal of the day. Many studies have linked eating breakfast to good health, including better memory and concentration, lower levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol, and lower chances of getting diabetes, heart disease, and being overweight.

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Ready, Set, Namaste: why you should do Yoga & Adorn Your Soul

Whether you are a yogiyoga teacher or someone who has only heard about yoga you are in the right place. If you do yoga you have a personal reason, it could be anything from physical strength, mindfulness, movement, patience, good vibes or just the feel good feeling.

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Fashion Bloggers VS. Style Bloggers: which one are you?

Feeling confused, same here. Let’s talk fashion and see how we can clear the air a little bit. Fashion has been my best friend since I was a little kid, anything from flipping through Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Hello magazines to playing dress-up. Growing up, I've always been a curious fashionista and I had the opportunity of working for a fashion designer, in fashion and beauty companies + retail store.

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8 Easy rules for making the most of your workout

Living in LA definitely has its advantages, like feeling the sun shinning on your face on most days, heading to the beach whenever you feel like it, going to outdoor events in east LA, west LA or any city you live in. Basically, wearing shorts, drinking your green juice and living the dream, but its not all rainbows and sunshines all the time and you might find yourself running around like a bee. I found a few hacks that you can use to get yourself motivated and include some movement on a daily or weekly basis and feel amazing after your workout.

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