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8 Easy rules for making the most of your workout

Living in LA definitely has its advantages, like feeling the sun shining on your face on most days, heading to the beach whenever you feel like it, going to outdoor events in east LA, west LA or any city you live in. Basically, wearing shorts, drinking your green juice and living the dream, but it’s not all rainbows and sunshine’s all the time and you might find yourself running around like a bee. I found a few hacks that you can use to get yourself motivated and include some movement on a daily or weekly basis and feel amazing after your workout:

1) Don't carry your phone around while working out

Leave it out, specially in a group setting, you are not doing yourself any favor and it'll only distract you from the hour you've decided to dedicate to your health and self-care. BUT, If you are using your phone for music, put your phone on silent and try not to check your social apps while working out. Trust me, it can wait (I'm guilty of this one too if I'm in the gym).

2) Be present

Consider that hour or two your hour. You are doing it for yourself, either it's getting your sweat on, feeling better, nourishing your soul, being in a group or surrounding yourself with your community or friends, it's a self-care practice so take it seriously.

3) Choose a workout you'll enjoy

The key is to feel excited about working out and having a smile on your face at least one or two times during the actual workout. If you feel forced or have a self-talk all the way to the gym or the studio and drag yourself in, that wouldn't work. Yes, sometimes you just have to do it, but if that's the case every time then you need to change things around. I personally dance (ballet), do yoga few times a week in my local studio or at home and take cardio barre classes once to twice a week to get my cardio in and lift some weights.         

*Secret motivational tip: ask a friend or a group of friends to join you, be silly and enjoy yourself + you'll get to spend time with them.

4) Include a warm-up and a cool-down

If you are working out on your own, make sure you stretch a bit before diving in and do some slow movements when you are done. if you are in a class or doing a group workout try to be on time so you won’t miss the warm-up and do not to dash out 5-10 minutes before the class ends. Your body and muscles would thank you + you'll avoid any sort of injury.

5) Stay hydrated                                                                                                                                

Drinking water is so important, you don't want to get dehydrated. Drink a few sips during your exercise. Make sure you always have a bottle of water with you, even if you are not working out. Make it a habit. H2O ya'll.

6) Carry a snack for pre & post workout

Here are my go-to snacks if I know that I'll be out and about and need an energy fix before working out: a handful of almonds, apple, banana, dark chocolate. Sometimes, I find myself dreaming about food during class, not kidding it's real like so real, but if I had a little snack before class or a meal like 2-3 hours before, then that keeps me focused. Otherwise, my belly starts talking and my food visualization skills start to develop 😄. I'm sure some of you can relate to this. Spoiler alert: You'll have more energy to work it out. I'll do a more detailed post on what to eat pre and post workout. Stay tuned!

Note: If you don’t give your body fuel to burn, you end up leeching minerals and nutrients from your own body. It’s bad news for your metabolism, too. Not eating before a workout puts the body in a fight-or-flight state, which lowers it.

7) Make it a habit

If it makes you feel good, why not doing it often. The more you do it, the better you feel. It usually takes 21-66 days, which is 3-9 weeks for an activity to become a habit or to form a new habit.

8) Reward yourself (self high fives or group high fives)

High fives from you to you. At the end of the workout, put your hand on your heart and thank yourself for making the time and effort and taking care of your body and soul + being present hopefully :).


Would love to hear your thoughts on these tips. Give them a try and see if they make any difference in your routine?                                                                            

Comment below and let me know if there is any progress + share your tips and stories with me using #AdorningYourBody hashtag on Instagram or Pinterest.


Photo credit: @jdy_photography x @thelocalskill