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Fashion Bloggers VS. Style Bloggers: which one are you?

Feeling confused? Well, same here. Let’s talk fashion and blogging and see how we can clear the air a little bit. Fashion has been my best friend since I was a little kid, anything from flipping through Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Hello magazines to playing dress-up. Growing up, I've always been a curious fashionista and I had the opportunity of working for a fashion designer, in fashion and beauty companies + retail store.

How do I follow the recent trends, my favorite styles and get the latest on the red carpet best dresses? I follow several fashion designers, fashion + style bloggers and watch snippets or all of the remarkable events like Grammys and Oscars on TV if possible or Snapchat + Instagram stories. But, watching all these adornable styles and reading through a variety of social media posts by bloggers or blog posts on their version of best dressed on the red carpet, brings up the question on the differences of fashion and style bloggers and how to quickly identify who is who? If you have recently joined the blogging club then you'll for sure want to know.

FASHION BLOGGERS are fashion savvy individuals like Chiara Ferragni aka The Blonde Salad and the founder of Chiara Ferragni fashion line, which has a very unique look and feel to it, Aimee Song aka Song of Style + founder of two songs and Negin Mirsalehi who is one of my favorites and is also the founder of Gisou, bee based hair products. They (featured in pictures above) all started from blogging and moved to vlogging and have their own fashion line or products now. Fashion bloggers keep up with the latest trends and mostly showcase high-end styles. Basically, styles from the runways and fashion shows to their closet. Is there an app that'll convert your favorite styles to products and ship them to your door? Kind of snapping a picture of whatever you like: clothes, shoes and accessories and getting them overnight or in a few days :).

On the other hand, STYLE BLOGGERS do not necessarily feature the latest trends or are keen on wearing luxury brands from head to toe. They follow fashion religiously but have their own styles, which is whatever they fancy wearing and they come up with fabulous styles that are unique to their personality and interests. Style bloggers would follow fashion bloggers for inspiration, but they'll mostly choose comfort on trend. Some of my favorite style bloggers are: Fashion me now, Simple et chic , Style by Jules (featured in pictures below).

I didn't forget about the influencers. In my opinion, both fashion and style bloggers can be influencers. But, what does that mean? Influencers are social media queens or kings: YouTubers, instagrammers, bloggers, Pinteresters, Facebookers, Twitter-erers (I just made up that word) that have a decent following, which is usually anywhere between 2k to millions (it could also be indidviduals with hundreds of followers not even thousands). Nowadays, a lot of brands use influencers to promote specific products and campaigns. Influencers might also get the opportunity of attending fashion shows and fashion related or company events. Influencers are not specifically bloggers.

I'm still finding my way in bloggers world, but for now style blogging is where I'm headed to. I'm curious to know if you ever thought about the differences between the two and if you are a fashion blogger which group do you belong to: fashion or style bloggers team or you are kind of in between? Comment below.