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Best places to workout in LA & how to find them

Hello lovely fitfam + the friends who are looking for spots or hidden gems they can workout in LA, read on as this list is for you. Even if you are not in Los Angeles or USA, you can still benefit from this list and master your way to finding new and exciting locations to get your sweat on.

Below you can find details of all the awesome events happening this week and next in LA, most of them are free, so just register, show up and enjoy or give them a try and see if they are the right type of workout/studio are for you.

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Fashion Bloggers VS. Style Bloggers: which one are you?

Feeling confused, same here. Let’s talk fashion and see how we can clear the air a little bit. Fashion has been my best friend since I was a little kid, anything from flipping through Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Hello magazines to playing dress-up. Growing up, I've always been a curious fashionista and I had the opportunity of working for a fashion designer, in fashion and beauty companies + retail store.

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