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Best places to workout in LA & how to find them

Hello lovely fitfam + the friends who are looking for spots or hidden gems they can workout in LA, read on as this list is for you. Even if you are not in Los Angeles or USA, you can still benefit from this list and master your way to finding new and exciting locations to get your sweat on.

Below you can find details of all the awesome events happening this week and next in LA, most of them are free, so just register, show up and enjoy or give them a try and see if they are the right type of workout/studio are for you.

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Ready, Set, Namaste: why you should do Yoga & Adorn Your Soul

Whether you are a yogiyoga teacher or someone who has only heard about yoga you are in the right place. If you do yoga you have a personal reason, it could be anything from physical strength, mindfulness, movement, patience, good vibes or just the feel good feeling.

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8 Easy rules for making the most of your workout

Living in LA definitely has its advantages, like feeling the sun shinning on your face on most days, heading to the beach whenever you feel like it, going to outdoor events in east LA, west LA or any city you live in. Basically, wearing shorts, drinking your green juice and living the dream, but its not all rainbows and sunshines all the time and you might find yourself running around like a bee. I found a few hacks that you can use to get yourself motivated and include some movement on a daily or weekly basis and feel amazing after your workout.

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